Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let them Sing Cake - Opus 52 - Jude Weirmeir

I haven't had mail from Jude in a while.  Jude hasn't had a portion of his quota of mail from me lately so I am doubly happy to get this rather delightful musical notion. Look at the top left stamp-like image of singing cake! It's such an oxymoron what he's trying to get me to, to take a perfectly good cake and get it printed onto so that I can sing over it.  In my opinion singing is even more suspect than blowing out candles when your talking about germs.  Look at the gusto that guy is singing with and then you analyse the hoops he wants me to jump through while singing. 'Using a stright stick the length of the keyboard sound all keys together'. REALLY? I won't even go into the fecal oral issue.

Still it's a great concept and a pretty score!  Thank you Jude, as ever.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Strongest Caged Birds or Delicate Blossoms?

One never knows about these things but Mars Tokyo's collage with RESIST stamped on the reverse speaks to me of our beliefs about women, their place and their nature and the masks we wear. - All of which interests me!  

In terms of the image, I remember buying vintage clothes and trying to squeeze my boyish hips and waist into these kinds of dresses ands feeling like a failure.  Now I wear colour and focus on the drama of costume!

Thank you Mars and hope you're enjoying your travels!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Enormous Fins in a world of sharks

Not long ago I found a haul of romance magazines at a charity shop and repurposed pages to make some trash books. I sent those off to a few people and got stuff back, etc.  David and I are sending stuff back and forth.  He suggests that I repurpose it but I am an archiver. These ideas are important and even if the net gain and loss is nothing, at least we are sharing our stuff!

David's langauge reminds me of those romance magazines. Oh to be lost in one of those rather than to be in this odd twilight zone of politics. The president is back on building infrastructure.  David and I are building bridges of stuff across 'the pond', physically and woth our imaginations.

The thing about Mad Men and LA is you can park a car like that on the beach and the water really was that blue. Great stuff!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Hour with Tina Kainulainen

Since last night at 10:30 when I looked at my iPad before heading up to bed, all kinds of ugly images has been circulating. I use words like 'incident' with alarming frequency, these days.  London Bridge. Borough Market.  Places I go. 

So, it is great to get this opportunity for optimism in Tina's mailing! I still have some add a pass stuff I keep meaning to get to, so it could be some time before these get returned, but I promise to think good thoughts while I make them! Thank you Tina, and I will be mailing the clown onto Mailart Martha tomorrow! 

Poetry and dance of the stamps, Herman Kamphuis

Always a delight to receive Herkalux' unique collage / drawings. Here on the one side he draws around the head of Heinrich Heine who I had to look up, (which is really quite appalling).  Heine was quite a guy! A poet, whose words were set to music by some of the great musicians: Schuman, Schubert, Brahms, Mendelssohn,  Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, etc…
A mistress stood by the sea
sighing long and anxiously.
She was so deeply stirred
By the setting sun 

Herman's imagery has added to the story, did he Heine have visitations in the night? Was he a gardener? He has appeared on stamps. There is an echo of colours used later in the collection of this mailing.  Herman's compostion is sublime. And the way he puts together a mailing in wonderfully thoughtful. The stamps are dancing to the music. 
With caligraphy and two pens Herman creates his own poetry and shares the romantic style that Heine was famous for.
Leicester and Amsterdam have been twinned as have the children on the other side.  There is a dialogue going on. Fabulous as ever! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ed's sharing his Americana with an English audience

So in about two weeks I'll be hanging the mail art I received from my international mail art correspondents in my studio during the open studios weekends. Ed Giecek's ranch will be there. and what could be more American than Bob Dylan?… and a Sticker Dude/ Ed collaboration!  Brilliant!  If DVS reads this, this a contender for your hair mail art call of yore. 

This cross section of fine stickers, stamps and angry eagle envelope, amazing musician postage stamps, trashpo and a little dose of political ire will be the perfect window onto the mail art world in Concrete Washington!  Thank you Ed.

BG's New Eye Chart

Humorous, minimalist, textual mail art bliss. BG can compose to create clear curiosity. This code/eye chart has me trying to decipher and also delighting in the strength of the ciphers. I can almost see Aljazeera.  Is this a comment on fake news?

Following on from the fake news we have this astounding moment in history: the art of The Creeping Ball phenomena.  Would that we did things like this regularly these days. Now we're just on twitter. I love the way MAIL ART matches his shirt.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The friends we make - a mail art story with stickers

I love this story and the follow-on letter and art work in this mailing. Everything they all say is true!  Joel reaches out, shares and then has shared this good news story so we all feel a little better about this mixed up world we live in!  Thank you. Go Mail art!

Conversing with Ben Westley Clarke

A few weeks ago I was on that annoying train from London to Stowmarket that isn't really a train.  It's an underground, a bus and finally a train. It takes forever. I had been to see my NY running partner of thirty years ago's daughter, who I'd never met.  We had a thoroughly wonderful day visiting the Tate.  I had left home early that morning and had zillions of things to do at home before I went to Maine.  I was the second person on the bus and I knew I wanted an aisle so I asked the young man who was already seated if he minded if I sat next to him.  That young man was Ben Westley Clarke and it turned out that we had a lot to talk about, so I never read my book, or wrote my list… instead we gabbed the whole way to the final train.

Here's a link to Ben's website, although this time it looks as if you can't see much of his work.  He must be 'spring cleaning'. Not only did Ben grow up in Ipswich, he loves to paint and draw and to teach. I am absolutely delighted to have these original prints from Ben! His painting work reminds me of the German Expressionists and the bottom print (for me) is reminiscent of Toulouse Lautrec! Wow he makes great marks and look at how they are composed, poetry! And they smell like a print studio.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Things argue and then get lost

I am finally beginning to blog the leftover items (before I went to Maine) and the new mail art (while away and since I've been back). David's has been resting in the clam shell of pending for a few weeks. So it's funny that I'm blogging about stuff on the day that I searched for lost stuff in amongst the stuff FOR HOURS.  For sure I was not happy.  In the end I ordered a new bank card and found the phone number of the man who'd called to ask me to change something he'd bought from a gallery in Southwold at the bottom of a bag under the mail art I will traipse around Bury with today, trying to get someone to hang it because the people who had found a place hadn't really. Every day I shuffle stuff and spend too much time wondering where I put THAT. A stuff less world would be utopia, sort of. Ha, ha.

David, like me, obviously sees stuff as fodder and saves stuff because of its fodder potential or because he has delusions of grandeur that he will be even more important than he is, but I don't believe that. David just likes to draw and think and write a stream of consciousness and share and I can relate to that and this mailing made me smile from ear to ear.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Placeholder Text

I have mail art from the Sticker Dude, 
David Stafford, Ed Giecek, Ben Westley Clarke, 
Lucy Perry and BG x 2  on deck.  

I hope to have some time over the next few days!  
I am excited to look at the mail art 
and trust you are keen to see what I've got too.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE fake EAKF Fake fake stickers

Will be taking these FAke president stickers with me to America, but think I'll put them in my checked luggage, just in case my hand luggage is inspected at the border… And above is the back of the ATC at the bottom right of the Fake president sticker collection. GREAT!

Unfortunately on this crazy news day I am tethered to getting my house in order before I go to Maine where I will contribute to garden boot camp. And I can't use my art umbrella to calm my frayed nerves.

part of the envelope containing the stickers and below:

I'm afraid this will be an abreviated post… I have a lot of packing to do. Joel's other letter is in my clam shell letter holder and will need to wait until my return.  David Stafford, I'm afraid I wouldn't do your wonderful looking envelope (no idea of contents) justice either!
Thank you  thank you! I return in the 20s of May.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Clowns Mail art call - Cascadia Artist and Mail art Martha

Three mail art calls in one week! phew! I will try to send to all but will certainly be sending to this one!  One of my childhood memories is being on Bozo the Clown for my birthday!  I jumped out of a box and blew kisses. Huge doodle possibilities here!  Thank you Mail art Martha and Cascadia Art Post.  I will try to send one to each!

Black and White mail art call from Mzia Valerian (Belgique)