Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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I have mail art from the Sticker Dude, 
David Stafford, Ed Giecek, Ben Westley Clarke, 
Lucy Perry and BG x 2  on deck.  

I hope to have some time over the next few days!  
I am excited to look at the mail art 
and trust you are keen to see what I've got too.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE fake EAKF Fake fake stickers

Will be taking these FAke president stickers with me to America, but think I'll put them in my checked luggage, just in case my hand luggage is inspected at the border… And above is the back of the ATC at the bottom right of the Fake president sticker collection. GREAT!

Unfortunately on this crazy news day I am tethered to getting my house in order before I go to Maine where I will contribute to garden boot camp. And I can't use my art umbrella to calm my frayed nerves.

part of the envelope containing the stickers and below:

I'm afraid this will be an abreviated post… I have a lot of packing to do. Joel's other letter is in my clam shell letter holder and will need to wait until my return.  David Stafford, I'm afraid I wouldn't do your wonderful looking envelope (no idea of contents) justice either!
Thank you  thank you! I return in the 20s of May.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Clowns Mail art call - Cascadia Artist and Mail art Martha

Three mail art calls in one week! phew! I will try to send to all but will certainly be sending to this one!  One of my childhood memories is being on Bozo the Clown for my birthday!  I jumped out of a box and blew kisses. Huge doodle possibilities here!  Thank you Mail art Martha and Cascadia Art Post.  I will try to send one to each!

Black and White mail art call from Mzia Valerian (Belgique)

Mail art call (DES) FRONTEIRAS from Thais - University Cultural Center in the city of Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil

A Virus Named Chuck

This is a Virus named Chuck
I love mail art like this one from David Stafford that exists right on the point of inspiration.  And Chuck, the amorphous virus is the kind of creature you'd like to be your friend. The joy of creation is almost palpable. The crayon must have been warm when David put Chuck in the envelope.  It's left a shadow on the inside of the envie.

It's great that Chuck is gonna have friends. I am also interested to find out what adventures they will get up to and what adversity they will overcome. No doubt global pandemics will prove fertile writing ground!

Meanwhile, Patrick seems to have his second virus of the season.  I am hiding out in the studio avoiding the infested air. But it makes me happy to think that viruses might be similar to humans, only much, much smaller, of course.

Alternative Skype

Katy Kehoe is a zentangle wizard!         http://katykehoezentangle.blogspot.co.uk.  And this one is made with coloured pencils.

When I look at abstract work my first way in is to look for characters.  That turqouise and green fellow is full of confidence and charisma.  Lavender is more reserved and maroon and fuscia is elegant.  They jostle for position. They meet in a room with decorations and colours to die for. My first reading doesn't jive with Katy's own assessment of her handiwork. She says 'coloured pencil zentangle needs work' and 'unfortunate about the brown frame on left.' What I find is it's flummoxing the way sometimes people flock to the stuff that you made that makes you wince and they are indifferent to the one thing that gives you goosebumps. This alternative skype message has come to the right home!  Thank you, Katy.  I love it.

A new series in the making

I took on a local mail art initiative.  Actually, it was my idea and someone followed up on it and I said yes.  That's my current excuse for why you aren't getting any mail art from me and why I am a bit slow blogging.  But to be fair,  I was sick for weeks and I've had lots of art things making demands on my mail art time! I have been sending mail art back to the people who send me stuff for the local thing - Suffolk Open Studios Mail art: http://suffolkopenstudiosmailart.blogspot.co.uk.  

The idea is that if we hang local artists mail art in a good central location we can attract people to visit their studios from further afield. It's been a little hard for people to get the idea.  So I feel I need to send stuff in a timely manner back to them so they get the concept that it's a trade and have a positive mail art experience. In other words, those of you who I should have sent stuff to have been bumped down the list to make way for this other stuff!

I have about 15 more to send to… so this afternoon I decided to make some things that interest me using some photos I chopped up a few years ago that I found in a box of stuff I bought at the car boot sale. I did a few postcards when I chopped them up in the first place and I loved the results and because I've been using lots of fused plastic, and think about Diebenkorn when I make those (often) I figured, what better way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Now it's time to go back to the house to do chores.  I promise to blog the four enticing pieces I have had in my crab shell letter holder for a few days, or more, (FROM YOU)  tonight.  and if there's time I will make some more of these.  I will save the best ones for you guys.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Sign me up for the silver home plan!

This 20 x 8 cm postcard is mail art's answer to a programme we have here on the BBC called 'the unbelievable truth'.  Contestants, who happen to be stand-up comedians, try to smuggle truths past other contestants (also comedians).  It's very funny.  This card from Lucky Pierre is also funny.

The company, Defense one Termites actually exists.  I googled it. but that devlish red faced El Maligno bears a remarkable resemblance to someone who is in the news a lot… Can you recognise him?

Fab digital-demon-adding, Lucky.  Any chance you can eliminate him if I get the silver home plan? I love it!